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Just Webinar Webinar is a combination of Web (Web) and Seminar (Seminar), which means online seminar that can communicate in real time anywhere in the world. The popularity of a webinar is to hold a seminar free from the constraints of time and space, with little expense and effort, without the burden of securing participants. , No Installation

RemoteSeminar is a WebRTC-based Web RTC (Web Real Time Communication) technology enables easy real-time video calls and data communication from a web browser without plug-ins or additional installation. web seminar tool
that requires no installation using web browser.

Start a webinar from a browser.

Reduce the cost and effort of offline seminar.
Free yourself from time and space constraints with webinars.

  • Online seminar reduces the preparation process.

    The online seminar saves the time and manpower required to prepare and process an offline seminar.Save time and resource for seminar preparation with simplified seminar preparation online.

  • Online seminar does not require a place.

    Online seminars do not need physical space to be borrowed unlike offline seminars. Regardless of the number of participants, you can attend seminars anytime, anywhere. Get away from the constraints of space with seminar preparation in simplified online.

  • Webinar reduces operating costs.

    Online seminars can save you the time and effort required to prepare and conduct offline seminars. More efficient resource management with simplified online seminars.

  • Webinar participation rate increases gradually.

    No needs to find a place to run seminars as in offline. Regardless of the number of participants, attend it anytime, from anywhere. Escape from spatial constraints with simplified online seminars.

  • Online seminar reduces the preparation process.
  • Online seminar does not require a place.
  • Webinar reduces operating costs.
  • Webinar participation rate increases gradually.

A webinar for everyone

Quick and easy for presenters and participants!
No.1 webinar, RemoteSeminar

All you need is a laptop and you’re ready to present the webinar!
No need for dedicated equipment or software installation.

Join directly from a PC or smartphone without installation!
Can it be simpler than this?

Endless business opportunities

Industry-leading professionals use webinars to share content and information.

  • Enterprise

    Sales seminar

    In-house education / training

    IR public disclosure and shareholders’ meeting

  • Finance

    Financial consultation

    Financial education and seminars

  • Pharmaceutical / Medical

    Pharmaceutical Marketing / Consulting

    Medical Seminar

  • Education

    Academic and lecture, Forum

    Sharing and spreading knowledge
    such as cyber education

  • Content Marketing

    Launching a new product

    Marketing seminar contents

  • Online meetup

    Community events

    Organizations and group events

    Societies and associations, online seminars

    Various professional associations

3 steps for a successful webinar

From webinar preparation to progress and performance analysis!
Simplify your webinar with a remote seminar.

  • 1 Prepare

    Create unique webinar from a variety of templates. Complete the seminar by entering the title and description and attaching presentation materials!

  • 2 Conduct

    Conduct the seminar right from the web browser. Slides and documents can be easily accessed with screen and document sharing option. Communicate with participants in real-time with chat as well as surveys!!

  • 3 Round up & Analysis

    Review statistics such as progress details, attendance trends, and survey results after the webinar. Benefit from follow-up management and progress analysis results!!

Why choose RemoteSeminar?

Prepare and launch your seminar right from your web browser.
Intuitive interface and powerful management features.

  • User friendly and easy to use

    No more complicated, confusing webinars. RemoteSeminar provides an easy and simple user experience, non-tech savvy friendly.

  • Customized business-specific management

    Start webinar as public or private depending on the purpose and manage performance! Only with RemoteSeminar.

Key features for a successful webinar

Add persuasion to your words with powerful features of RemoteSeminar

  • Webinar,
    loyal to the basics

    The key to a successful webinar lies in reliable service. Rsupport, a leader in remote S/W, provides RemoteSeminar based on WebRTC, seamless video and smooth screen sharing.

  • More effective together

    One presenter doesn’t have to prepare everything. Efficiently distribute and systematically collaborate on the work between up to 10 people.

  • Perfect the webinar through communication

    During the webinar, presenters and participants can communicate seamlessly via chat. Enjoy a more interactive webinar by asking questions and responding to participants via live chat.

  • Ready for the perfect webinar

    Try the rehearsal feature for presenters available before the webinar starts.Practice in the same environment as the actual webinar and achieve a more natural and smoother presentation.

Minimum cost, maximum return!
Increase business efficiency.

Create more business opportunities with less money and time.

Offline seminarOnline seminar
Seminar cost $9,000 $9 1/100reduction
Preparation time 240 h 1h 99%reduction
Rehearsal avail. Difficult

Variable to location, time and weather


Join via online

Site preparation Min. 3 hours None
Site rental Min $4,450~$9,000
Material printing $90
Re-hosting New seminar prep. required

Recorded video avail.

* Based on 100 participants

Start a webinar from a browser.

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Choose the right plan for your webinar size.

RemoteSeminar is billed as flat rate (prepaid) and offers a rate plan
according to the maximum number of participants and service period.

※ Note for rate plan
1. The service is provided as a monthly or yearly prepaid plan with no additional subscription cost (VAT not included)
2. Additional participants over the selected rate plan’s number of participants will not be allowed to join the webinar.
3. Each seminar can be held for up to 4 hours.
Technical specification and requirements
Windows 10, macOS 10.14
Quad core Processor
100G or more
HD (720p)
Chrome 84 or later
Broadband network